Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are used to clear gardens, driveways, courtyards etc of leaves and other debris. There are many different types of leaf blowers on the market today and you really need to do some research before you purchase one for use in your garden. The type you choose should basically come down to the size of your yard.

Leaf blowers generally run on either gas or electricity and there are many positives for purchasing an electric blower. Firstly the noise level is a lot less with the electric leaf blower rather than the gas leaf blowers. Another factor is if you purchase a gas leaf blower it will need to be refilled every now and again which takes time and effort especially if you run out whilst clearing leaves. The last factor with a gas leaf blower is that it is heavier than it's electric counterpart due to the gas tank.

There are hand held leaf blowers, backpack leaf blowers and gas wheeled leaf blowers. Generally it would depend on the size of your yard as to which style of leaf blower you choose.

There are hand held leaf blowers, backpack leaf blowers and gas wheeled leaf blowers. Generally it would depend on the size of your yard as to which style of leaf blower you choose. If you have a small yard it is probably best to have a small hand held leaf blower as it will do the job quickly and with very little fuss. If you have a larger yard then you may think about the backpack leaf blower as this can be a lot more powerful and do a larger area in a shorter period of time. The last option is wheeled leaf blowers which you would use only if you have an extremely large yard as this model is extremely powerful. It's important to note that the larger the leaf blowers the more noise it will make.

Another point to note with the leaf blower is that there are different adjustable speeds on most of them although some only have hi or low and others just the single speed. This can be a huge problem when doing the garden where if you have just a high speed it could get rid of you flowers and other plants. Gas model leaf blowers generally have many more speed adjustments than the electric ones. The cost factor of a leaf blower is another point to take into consideration as the larger you go the higher the cost in general. The wheeled leaf blower can be a huge burden on the wallet so make sure you really need one that large before purchasing it.

If your in the market for a second hand leaf blower then it's important to take a few things into consideration when purchasing the product. If the blower doesn't start within 5 strokes it's probably better to look elsewhere as it won't get any easier to start in the future. Also it's best to start up the machine when it's completely cold as it tends to be a lot easier to start when it's warm and been running recently. Some older models of leaf blowers are not as easy to handle depending on how they're weighted with one side being more heavily weighted than the other. The noise level is another consideration especially with older models as they tend to be a lot noisier than the newer models. With a lot of the second hand older models they still have the two stroke problem of fuel leaks so it's important to look for any tell tale signs of leaks when purchasing yours. Last of all check the air pattern especially with the older model machines. If it's not correct you may have a large problem using it in windy conditions or if it's wet, making it take a lot longer to get the job done.

When purchasing leaf blowers it's important to do some research about what type you really need for your yard and also take into account the noise level. Overall I would suggest the hand held electric model is the simplest and cheapest to go for but then again if you don't have a nearby power source then you may have to go for the gas model.